Men over 50 have a new set of rules, knowledge, and not-so-obvious techniques to turn back the clock.

You have to reduce estrogen, try intermittent fasting, use brief and intense workout routines, take select natural supplements for men, and boost natural growth hormone and testosterone.

There are secrets to staying fit after fifty.  Take a look ...
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Sure, exercise and eating play a big part.  But after 40, you need to pay attention to male hormone levelsWhy are hormone levels are so important and how do you boost male hormones like natural growth hormone and testosterone, naturally and safely?

New Rules Of Fitness has recommended workout routines for men, weight loss tipsthe only supplements men over 40 should take, and exercise programs for men over 50.

In addition, you'll find valuable information about men and estrogen and how this female hormone may be your biggest enemy in your fight for fitness after 50.

But first, what exactly is happening to your body as you get older?

"An insidious attack on your manliness is making you fatter, weaker, and killing your sex drive"

And guess what?  This attack didn't just begin the day you turned 40.  It started way back in your 20s.  It just really picked up speed after forty.  Now it's not stopping.
Men, you have new weapons in your fight for youth and fitness!
Fitness After 50

Getting fit and staying fit over 40 and even 50 means different things to different people.
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You hear too often that it's a natural part of getting older.  But this attack is not natural at all. So what is it?  It's the progressive decrease of your male hormones caused by both inside and outside forces.  Yet what you hear every day is - "it's normal, just part of getting older".

What's Sylvester Stallone's Diet Plan?

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to accept this change.  Because your body has the ability to produce youthful levels of male hormones again.  On its own.  No drugs or dangerous injections either.

Fit men over 50 have learned the secrets of peak testosterone and you'll find everything you need here at 40 and fit.
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